Saturday, October 30, 2010

Idiot Adidas Philippines Facebook Admin

I have been monitoring the Adidas King of the Road thread in I didn't register to Adidas KOTR because of how expensive the registration fees were but I was interested with how it would go.

So many bloggers posted their scathing and grossly negative reviews of Adidas KOTR. I won't discuss the negative points here anymore as these feedbacks have been extensively discussed and dissected in blogs and online forums.

The Adidas Philippines Facebook page was bombarded with negative comments and complaints regarding the race. So many comments were posted in its Facebook page asking for an explanation or an apology for what happened. At some point, the admin still responded to the comments but there was such a deluge of negative feedback that the admin eventually decided to close the Wall to refrain its "likers" from posting more comments.

Here's what that stupid Adidas Philippines Facebook page admin did.

A certain Farrell Dizon commented "haha, binura lahat ng negative feedbacks. tapos kuntodo pasalamat na para bang magaganda lahat ng feedbacks sa kanila.

The Adidas Philippines Facebook page admin retorted, "Hi, Farrell. ano pong gusto nyong gawin ko ibalik ko yung mga negative comments dito? Sa palagay mo, may magagawa pa ba kung pag-uusapan at magsasayang tayong lahat ng oras pagusapan yung nangyari nung Linggo? Kung may request ka, sabihin lang po."

Aren't you flabbergasted by this behavior? This is a very important lesson in Facebook admin management. Whatever happens, no matter how angry or negative the comments are, admins should NEVER LOSE YOUR TEMPER. Yes, admins are human but NEVER TAKE THESE COMMENTS PERSONALLY. Get all the feedback, escalate it to your marketing and hope the team takes action. But whatever happens, DO NOT SNAP BACK at the "likers."

The Adidas Philippines Facebook page admin followed up with another stupid comment, "Hi, Ron, your feedbacks were kept in a safe place where we can use to improve KOTR 2011. But we will not allow such derogatory statements in our FB page. Salamat!"

I wonder where is that safe place the admin is referring to. Hahaha! Second, the KOTR runners have every right to post their comments as they paid good money to participate in this race. Imagine paying P850 for what is expectedly a great buffet and getting only a hotdog and a drink. Won't you be pissed, as well?

Whoever that admin is, shame on you! Apart from the lousy spelling and punctuations, you obviously don't know what you're doing and you don't deserve to be the admin of such a popular brand. You are a disgrace to Adidas.



  1. While it is admin's prerogative to remove posts, courtesy is due their members or "likers" by posting a deletion notice. Throw in rules for posting and it should work out fine.

    Singling out posters is never a good move.

    This, from my experience moderating a forum.

  2. My comment is actually not about this post but about your whole blog. I like it and I hope you keep on writing stuffs like these especially on topics like internet/blogging etiquette and social networking sites' do's and dont's. By the way, if you have time kindly browse my blog and see if I commit some blunders there. Ha ha ha... More power!