Saturday, October 30, 2010

Idiot Adidas Philippines Facebook Admin

I have been monitoring the Adidas King of the Road thread in I didn't register to Adidas KOTR because of how expensive the registration fees were but I was interested with how it would go.

So many bloggers posted their scathing and grossly negative reviews of Adidas KOTR. I won't discuss the negative points here anymore as these feedbacks have been extensively discussed and dissected in blogs and online forums.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Major, Major Twitter Booboo by PNoy Speechwriter

It's all over the news. President Noynoy's speechwriter tweeted several embarassing and disparaging comments during the President's state visit in Vietnam. Her tweets "The wine sucks," "Sorry pero walang pogi dito" caused stir in the Twitter community and poses a great lesson on how government officials and employees should behave in the digital media space.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Case of Blogcon and Presscon

Heard from the grapevine that a growing number of media people no longer wants to join presscons if they know that bloggers would be there, as well. The reality is media people still don't treat bloggers in the same level. In a way, I kinda get that.

You know, bloggers also don't like being treated like second-class citizens. I know some bloggers who have a false sense of grandeur but most bloggers I've met don't think of themselves as celebrities. To them, they are just people who want to express their thoughts. And it sucks if they are treated like a nobody.

Dear media people, most bloggers also don't want to join press conferences. Get off your high horse, guys. Whether you like it or not, bloggers are here to stay.


Monday, October 11, 2010

I can't contact you!

Dear Blogger,

I'm sure you have a lot of readers. I'm also quite certain that many companies/brands want to invite you to their events. But I think you're making it hard for your readers to get in touch with you because your email address is not available in your blog.

I see this often in blogs. Ayaw mo ba magpa-invite or iemail ng mga readers mo? In a time where everything is fast-paced, I hope you also realize that your readers want to get in touch with you quickly. And when you ask them to fill out a form, it's quite a turn-off. Ako, turned off ako.

Siguro, you also have this as a security measure or to avoid spamming. But emails are sophisticated na. Gmail and Yahoo have spam filtering systems. Oh, well. To each his own. But like I said, ang hirap mo naman kontakin.

Babu! Eklavu!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Knock it off with the expensive prizes!

Dear Company,

Please be a dear and avoid giving expensive prizes in your Facebook pages. In your eagerness to gather as much fans as possible and as quickly as possible, you resort to giving out expensive prizes for that. How sure are you that the fans you have are honest-to-goodness fans?

Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts are all about customer engagement. Now that you have amassed so many fans, how many people are really liking and commenting on your posts? Mababa, no? Mataas nung kasagsagan ng pacontests mo pero now that the contests are over, are people still conversing with you? Kung tahimik na sila, you can bet your ass hindi mo talaga sila fans. Sayang lang budget mo.

Babush! Eklavu!


5 Habits of an Ethical Blogger

Dear Blogger,

Let me share with you my 5 habits of an ethical blogger:

1. Confirm your attendance. Don’t just show up in a bloggers event without confirming your attendance. It’s time you learn what RSVP means.

2. Don’t bring +1. Companies/brands also have a budget to work with and bloggers need to realize that. If your blogger-friend, wife or BF didn’t receive an invitation, then have some shame and don’t bring a +1. Sure you can ask the company/brand representative but how could s/he refuse? It’s like asking a bride if you can bring a +1. Do you think she can say no?

3. Have some decency. Similar to #2, companies/brand don’t have a bottomless well full of money. Huwag makapal ang mukha and ask for another goodie bag. Don’t pig out on the buffett table. Don’t demand for things that the company/brand cannot afford to give like a service car to bring you back and forth, certain privileges, etc. Matutong mahiya sa sarili.

4. Show integrity. Your readers can tell if you have been paid for a certain blog post. If you have been compensated financially for a blog entry, disclose it. Don’t pass it off like it’s an unbiased company/brand review. Your readers are smart enough to know the difference.

5. Know the law. Bloggers are powerful but as Spiderman said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” You can make or break a person but your blog post can also be libelous. Despite the lack of laws governing the Internet, you don’t use your blog to disparage people, companies/brands, and groups for the sake of disparaging it. Give the other party a chance to explain his/her side. You are not god of the Internet world. What you write in your blog may be libelous, which means you can be sued.

Babush! Eklavu!


5 Things Companies Should Do Right During Blogger Events

Dear Company,

It’s as easy as ABC but somehow, you still fail to do these simple things when holding blogger events.

1. Send invites early. The most influential and active bloggers tend to have busy schedules. Whether they are full-time bloggers or have regular day jobs, bloggers need to plan their schedule. The earlier you send your invites, the better for bloggers.

2. Prepare. There’s nothing worse than treating bloggers like second-class citizens, a level below media people. Treat them like you would treat a guest. Be courteous, offer food/drinks, provide press kits, etc. I’ve seen bloggers meet where the organizers didn’t bother preparing info materials for bloggers. It’s a big no-no. How can you expect bloggers to write about you when they don’t have materials to refer to?

3. Make it exclusive. Bloggers want to feel special. They want to have first dibs on product launches, announcements, etc. Don’t hold blogger events where you invite the entire blogging population of the country. Invite a select few (anywhere between 10 to 30 people is great) to keep the event intimate. Bloggers will appreciate you more for it and are more likely to write about your event.

4. Invite the newbies. Bloggers belong to cliques. The more influential and active bloggers also tend to be more choosy/demanding/picky/selective (you pick the adjective) in attending blogger events. Mix your invitees list by adding newbie bloggers. Sure they don’t have as much readers as the influential ones but they tend to be more appreciative for the event. Newbie bloggers also tend to be loyal to your company/brand.

5. Start on time. Similar to #1, bloggers have busy schedules. The least you can do is start on time and finish on time. Enough said.

Babush! Eklavu!


Feeling lang, ha!

Dear Blogger,

I’ve encountered several of you in the past. Naging active blogger lang, feeling powerful na. Naimbitahan ka  lang sa ilang blogger events, feeling influential na. I get that you like getting invited to blogger events. Kahit ako, natutuwa pag nai-invite. Pero pag hindi ka na-invite, huwag naman sasama ang loob mo.

Alam mo na ikaw ang tinutukoy ko, ang klase ng blogger na feeling offended dahil hindi na-invite the second time sa event. Heller! Give chance to other bloggers naman! Alangan naman pare-parehong bloggers lang ang i-invite ng companies, no? Siyempre, gusto din nila makilala yung ibang bloggers so bakit ka magtatampo?

Para gatecrasher ka lang. Kahit hindi invited sa wedding, ipipilit pa din ang sarili. Nariyang magfi-fish ng invite or outright magtatampo. Minsan, nanunumbat pa. Heller! May ganun?! Be thankful if an invitation was extended to you but don’t take it against the company if it doesn’t. Naisip mo ba na baka naman hindi ikaw ang target market? Puwede ding limited funds ang company? Heller! Hindi naman palabigasang baboy ang mga companies na puwede lang hingan ng hingan ng freebies. Siyempre, may budget din yan. Ikaw kaya ang hingan ko lagi ng freebies?!

Babush! Eklavu!