Saturday, October 9, 2010

5 Habits of an Ethical Blogger

Dear Blogger,

Let me share with you my 5 habits of an ethical blogger:

1. Confirm your attendance. Don’t just show up in a bloggers event without confirming your attendance. It’s time you learn what RSVP means.

2. Don’t bring +1. Companies/brands also have a budget to work with and bloggers need to realize that. If your blogger-friend, wife or BF didn’t receive an invitation, then have some shame and don’t bring a +1. Sure you can ask the company/brand representative but how could s/he refuse? It’s like asking a bride if you can bring a +1. Do you think she can say no?

3. Have some decency. Similar to #2, companies/brand don’t have a bottomless well full of money. Huwag makapal ang mukha and ask for another goodie bag. Don’t pig out on the buffett table. Don’t demand for things that the company/brand cannot afford to give like a service car to bring you back and forth, certain privileges, etc. Matutong mahiya sa sarili.

4. Show integrity. Your readers can tell if you have been paid for a certain blog post. If you have been compensated financially for a blog entry, disclose it. Don’t pass it off like it’s an unbiased company/brand review. Your readers are smart enough to know the difference.

5. Know the law. Bloggers are powerful but as Spiderman said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” You can make or break a person but your blog post can also be libelous. Despite the lack of laws governing the Internet, you don’t use your blog to disparage people, companies/brands, and groups for the sake of disparaging it. Give the other party a chance to explain his/her side. You are not god of the Internet world. What you write in your blog may be libelous, which means you can be sued.

Babush! Eklavu!


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