Monday, October 11, 2010

I can't contact you!

Dear Blogger,

I'm sure you have a lot of readers. I'm also quite certain that many companies/brands want to invite you to their events. But I think you're making it hard for your readers to get in touch with you because your email address is not available in your blog.

I see this often in blogs. Ayaw mo ba magpa-invite or iemail ng mga readers mo? In a time where everything is fast-paced, I hope you also realize that your readers want to get in touch with you quickly. And when you ask them to fill out a form, it's quite a turn-off. Ako, turned off ako.

Siguro, you also have this as a security measure or to avoid spamming. But emails are sophisticated na. Gmail and Yahoo have spam filtering systems. Oh, well. To each his own. But like I said, ang hirap mo naman kontakin.

Babu! Eklavu!



  1. sophisticated na ang mga email...sophisticated na rin ang mga spammer ^_^

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    Confidentiality will be of utmost priority. Answering my survey will be very much appreciated. Thanks! :)