Friday, October 29, 2010

Major, Major Twitter Booboo by PNoy Speechwriter

It's all over the news. President Noynoy's speechwriter tweeted several embarassing and disparaging comments during the President's state visit in Vietnam. Her tweets "The wine sucks," "Sorry pero walang pogi dito" caused stir in the Twitter community and poses a great lesson on how government officials and employees should behave in the digital media space.

Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office Secretary Ricky Carandang Carandang came to the speechwriter's defense, saying "She has been one of the hardest working people in our office. She’s trusted by the President and this is just a minor issue. So I don’t think it’s going to become anything more. As far as we are concerned, tapos na ‘yun. Nawala na ‘yun. She’s being more careful now,”

But the last time I checked, the account has now disappeared. And I wonder if this also means  she got canned.

What the hell was this woman thinking? What many people don't realize is that although you might be using your own personal social networking accounts, you are very much a part and parcel of where you work especially if you work in prominent companies or even the government. One crack about your work can be disastrous not only to the company you work for but also for your career.

It's about time people realize that you are what you do.


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  1. On the twitter cap above: Walang pogi? Damay ang boss nila? ;)