Saturday, March 26, 2011

Carmen Pedrosa believes the Mosquito Press

Here's one piece of advice for you Internet users: DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ONLINE! But guess who just recently believed in a satirical blog and even wrote about it in her Philippine Star column? Carmen N. Pedrosa!

Mosquito Press, a satirical blog, recently posted about a "Harvard study" stating that Filipinos are the most gullible bunch in the entire universe. The "study" states a series of data to strengthen the fact that we are just plain gullible.

Just a few days after this blog post, Carmen Pedrosa wrote about this study in her Philippine Star article, saying that "this is a serious allegation we should not ignore." She also reaffirms what this "Harvard study" states with a parting note "We are gullible because we are not able or do not question information. We prefer to believe what other persons tell us."

Well, la-di-dah! Who just made a fool of herself in a national daily? And who just proved that she is gullible because she does not question informatuon? And who just believe what other persons (and in this case, a blog) tell her?

Journalists, wannabe journalists, and  feelingerang journalists, do us a favor, will you? Please check your facts first because you might end making a fool of yourself. DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ONLINE! Or better yet, don't believe everything you read in the papers.

Oh, for kids out there, Carmen Pedrosa is the mother of Veronica Pedrosa, that Filipino anchor in Al-Jazeera (and formely CNN). Carmen Pedrosa is also the author of the unauthorized biography of former First  Lady Imelda Marcos. The Marcoses were so angry at her for writing the biography without their consent that Pedrosa and her family were forced to relocate to England, where Veronica eventually grew up and studied. Yikes, I'm old enough to remember those facts. Hekhekhek!

But heck, please do not read everything you read online. Not even this blog. Eklavuh!

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