Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Garnier Philippines Latest CSR Campaign

I received this Facebook update from Garnier Philippines regarding its latest corporate social responsibility project. This initiative is in support of rags2riches, "a social business enterprise creating designer lifestyle masterpieces that embody eco-ethical style."

First of all, let me just say that I love Garnier Eye Roll-On and use it every night. But as much as I love its product, I must say that I'm not liking its latest CSR project.

Basically, Garnier is inviting its Facebook fans to view its AVP posted in YouTube. For every view, Garnier will donate a peso to rags2riches to help various women in the country. It is a noble project and I'm glad more and more companies are giving back to the society but I find this project seriously lacking in substance.

I believe dole-outs should never be the path of corporations. If they want to give back to the society or the community it serves, it should be more than just giving money. Dole-outs should be confined with individuals only. Corporations should provide more substantial and sustainable help.

If I were Garnier's representative, I would have come up with something more beneficial to rags2riches. Instead of giving money, how about implementing livelihood projects for the women. The AVP posted in YouTube is a tribute to hardworking women so why not do something that will allow women to work? Why not pool the entire beauty line of L'Oreal Philippines and come up with a livelihood project connected with beauty?

I do hope that its AVP tribute fly because as of this writing, the views are just at 14,000 hits. I do hope that Garnier Philippines would donate more than P14,000. But then again, I hope to see that the brand would do something more sustainable for rags2riches. Sayang ang opportunity to help the community. Don't be a dole-out company. Do something much more impactful.

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