Tuesday, April 5, 2011

McDo does it again!

Have you seen the latest McDo TV commercial? Whoever is the brand manager of McDo's Everyday McSavers should be freaking fired! And whoever is that ad agency of McDo should be given a kick in the head!

A little girl and a little boy are conversing in a playground. The little girl asks the boy if she is his girlfriend. The young boy vehemently objects because he says girls are demanding and asks for many things. The little girl replies that she only wants McDo. The young boy treats the girl to a McDo Everyday McSavers and the TV commercial ends with the two of them walking holding hands.

What's my beef? Call it creative license or whatever you want but kids should never be portrayed in this light. Boyfriend/girlfriend at that age?! The kids must be around 6 or 7 years old and they're already talking about being BF/GF?! WTF?!

I can forgive McDo if this is the first time they made this boo-boo. But no! This is the second time. The first time they tried this "puppy love" approach backfired, as well. I wonder why the ad agency recommended a similar approach. Parang hindi nakikinig sa consumer insights!

McDo's latest TVC is obviously an attempt to capture the younger kids market, which is obviously dominated by Jollibee. But please naman, have some common sense. Do you want your children to be talking about BF/GF at that  age?

Another beef of mine is the subtle stab at girls. The young boy says that girls are demanding and asks for too many things. Cheap shot! It's a generalization and stereotype of girls. Dinagdagan pa ng reply ng girl na "McDo lang naman ang gusto ko."

I don't want my son to treat girls that  way and I certainly don't want my daughter to compromise her wants and needs so that she can get a boyfriend. I want my daughter to be firm with her choices and if the man doesn't like what he sees in her, then he can leave and find a weakling. Sorry lang pero kung sa McDo lang pakakainin ang daughter ko, di bale na lang.

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  1. As a person who doesn't have kids, I will admit that it's hard to see the big deal.

    However, putting myself in the shoes of a parent, I do realize I wouldn't want my (hypothetical) kids to be getting into this stuff at this age, either.

    So yeah, I think they could've just given this theme a rest.