Sunday, January 23, 2011

Big Bad Blogger and Other Blogger Horror Stories

Much has been said about the big bad blogger. If you haven’t read about it, you can read it here. I find it satisfying that the bad practices of some bloggers have been exposed. There are a lot of decent bloggers but there are also bad apples. And the bad apples are not just newbie bloggers but some are active and considered influential bloggers.

In my experience dealing with bloggers, I’ve had a fair share of dealing with these big bad bloggers. I’ll share some of them.

1. Bringing plus one.
When the invitation says “one seat is reserved for you,” then you should get the clear and definite fact that ONE SEAT is reserved for you. Please don’t be rude and bring along a friend. Okay, fine. Asking if you can bring a friend along is quite acceptable. At least you asked. But to reply with, “I’m confirming my attendance. I will bring XXX with me” is the height of disrespect.

Companies inviting you have a limited budget and please be sensitive enough that they can only accommodate so many people. If you want to bring someone, please be respectful and ask if it’s okay.

Huwag masyadong makapal. Palibhasa alam ninyo kasi na hindi makakatanggi yung company pag nagbitbit ka. Pero naman, di ba?! Maiinis ka din naman kung nagpabirthday ka sa anak mo tapos isang barangay ang dala ng bisita mo.

2. Demanding payment.
A lot of bloggers make money from blogging. They either act as consultant for brands or write paid posts. Just like everyone else, they need to make a living.

I’d appreciate it, though, if bloggers can state beforehand that they are charging for their services. A rate card would be nice, detailing his services. Companies won’t mind paying for blogger services as long as they are upfront about it.

I know one blogger who demanded payment from the digital agency AFTER he attended the bloggers meet. The payment was not for any service. He just heard from a fellow blogger that somebody else received compensation. He emailed the digital agency representative, quoting P15,000 for him.

3. Gatecrashing.
Gatecrashing is a lot like bring plus 1. But what absolutely pisses me about this is that some bloggers feel entitled. Word gets around in the blogging community if an invite is sent. Of course, companies can only invite a limited number of bloggers.

But if a blogger gatecrashes the event or assumes that he is invited even without the invitation, the problem lies with integrity.

Parang wedding lang iyan, kung hindi ka nakatanggap ng invitation, please don’t attend the wedding. Even if another friend was invited to the same wedding, don’t assume that the invitation extends to you. Konting hiya lang.

4. Throwing tantrums because you weren’t invited.
This is the kind of blogger who has serious feelings of celebrity and grandeur. Ripped Kitty learned from fellow bloggers about a bloggers’ meet organized by a large company. He felt very, very slighted because he didn’t receive an invite. He considers himself a celebrity in her community and felt that he should have been invited.

For two days, he ranted in his Facebook account about how he’s always out of the loop with this company, that the company doesn’t really know which bloggers to invite, and that he’s totally pissed. I repeat, his rantings lasted for two days, ha! Ganun siya kabothered!

Fortunately for the company, its digital agency saw the comments and alerted its client. The company sent an invite to the blogger and he finally shut up. He also had the decency to delete his previous rantings. In fairness, he was nice when he showed up in the bloggers meet.

These are just some of the blogger horror stories. Madami pa diyan especially if you're in the digital agency industry. In my succeeding posts, I’ll also share good practices of great bloggers.

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