Who is Hototay?

The person behind the blog is not important and I also don't have illusions of grandeur and celebrity-ness. I'm just a man who is fortunate enough to see both sides of the social media fence. I am both a blogger and an ad agency person.

Why hototay? Hototay is my favorite soup but more than that, ho, to and tay form my name.

Yes, I attend blogger events as an organizer. No, I don't attend blogger events as a blogger.

Yes, I own a blog (other than this). No, I don't make money from blogging and I don't intend to.

Yes, I get invited for talks. No, I don't accept any kind of invitations sent to my hototay address.

Yes, I have seen the dirty works of many unethical bloggers. No, I don't invite them to any of my events nor do I recommend them to my clients. Yes, I believe there are still a lot of clean and ethical bloggers.

Yes, I also know of corporate clients who take advantage of bloggers. No, I don't accept them as clients.

Yes to a clean, honest and ethical blogging community. Yes to a harmonious client-blogger relationship.

Yes to life.