Friday, March 23, 2012

Much Ado About Magnum

Did anyone miss me? Probably not! Mwahahaha!

I wasn't blogging for awhile because I really couldn't care less about what's going on in social media. "Same old, same old," that's what I said. If it's not the latest viral video hating the Philippines, it's people criticizing Charice for her new Korean-inspired look. I felt that there wasn't something worthy to write about.

Then came Magnum, an ice cream brand from Unilever. Or should I say, then came the buzz--both negative and positive--about Magnum. I'm not really interested with an ice-cream bar especially since I'm on a diet but heaven knows, I'm so interested and overwhelmed with how people are reacting online about this brand. The sentiments range from extreme and pure loathing to blind and hysterical fascination--all because of an ice cream bar.
Let's hear it for the haters!
I can't believe how much hate Magnum has generated online. A quick scan online shows hundreds of tweets. I copied/pasted some of the memorable tweets, those that are quite biting (pardon the pun).

Sorry #Magnum lovers, I don't get what the big fuss is all about :(

@moonleafteashop is more sulit than buying that stupid #Magnum bar.Either that or have the car gassed up for almost 1 liter.

Singkwenta sentimos na dagdag pasahe tinututulan pero singkwenta pesos na #overrated na #magnum pinagkakaguluhan! Tsss. @krisaQUInoSTD

50pesos yaan?!?! ganyan kaliit??!! di pa ako busog niyan tapos ang mahal mahal pa ng presyo??!! tangina this talaga!!

hahahanever tasted this ice cream yet, pero funny thing barkada ko posts some pics of them eating this, marahil kaya di ako bibili nito kasi i already tasted belgian chocolate, ohh well mas masarap pa ang frozen yogurt d2 sa The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt healthy pa ^^

colonial mentality...that's all...

Of course, my favorite is this image. The ice-cream bar has now become a national issue (my own exaggeration), comparable to the price increases in pan de sal.

Let's hear it for the admirers!
And then, of course, we have those who swear by the Heavens above that Magnum is worth every peso (P50 to P60 per bar, depending on where you bought it). Here are just some of the raves about the ice cream bar.


ignore the trolls who have claimed otherwise;
this ice cream bar is worth your every peso!!!

Bitter lang ang mga nagsabing glorified Pinipig Crunch siya. :p

Kaya I hate people who say it's just an overpriced Pinipig Crunch bar. It's worth every peso, especially the Chocolate Truffle... nomnomnom.. now i'm craving for one!

After 3days of searching at 8 stores,finally tried the last flavor-Magnum Chocolate Truffle.Now,it's my favorite!Thank you so much SM Supercenter Las Pinas!

And this is my favorite visuals for Magnum, a chart that details the product pricing in different countries. I wonder if MyManila.Net just took the pains to research the prices or Unilever seeded this to him to address the negative comments.

It's fascinating to observe the magnitude of buzz this product generated. But what I am simply flabbergasted with is how much the two camps--haters and admirers--took the discussion on a whole new level. Both camps have resorted to bashing and personally attacking the other side just to prove their point.

Here are just some of the most notable quotes (I underlined and made bold those as emphasis):

sobrang magpakasosyal namn yung isa,,kahit hindi naman sosyal,,kc ang totoong sosyal di na pinagyayabang yan kung anong meron ka kc maghintay ka na iba ang pupuna sa gamit mo,,halatang galing ka sa mahirap na biglang umasenso lng,,you are such a social climber!!! u know who u are,,u don't belong to a high society kahit ipagmalaki mo ang laptop mo kc we can afford it..actually pwedeng makabili kahit yung mga nasa mababang level kagaya mo,,kc hulugan,,,, cheapppp!!!i can't take it anymore, sorry naibaba ko level ko dahil sau...hahahaha

nabilaukan na sa magnum, pati kasi stick nilunok na nya

sore in the eyes kasi minsan kapag may nakikita ka sa homepage ng fb... puro pics ng magnum and then mukha nila. hahah! just like the starbuck before.. haha! not against the product though, i also tasted it, and its good. haha

overrated ice cream.. kung bet magbayad sa mahal na ice cream haagen dazs nalang mas maniniwala pa ko.

And here's my favorite:
ignore the trolls who have claimed otherwise;
this ice cream bar is worth your every peso!!!

Bitter lang ang mga nagsabing glorified Pinipig Crunch siya. :p

Doesn't that make you feel bad about what's going on online? Over an ice cream bar? And people can't keep the discussion on topic and have resorted to personally attacking others.

So what if there are a lot of Magnum haters? Why do the admirers feel the need to defend the product? They're not earning money from defending the brand so what gives? And why so passionate to the point of calling the haters are trolls? Just because they disagreed with you, they're automatically trolls?

If people don't agree with your brand choices, you have no obligation to defend that brand. Whatever the opinion of others may be, it's valid even if you don't agree with them. And it's such a complete waste of time arguing with people. It's pointless!

In this whole discussion, I am more disappointed with the admirers than the haters. If people hate the brand, then just leave them be. Buy another bar and enjoy your Magnum. Why even bother responding to the haters? Ayaw nila ang Magnum, eh, so wag na kayo makialam sa gusto nila.

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