Saturday, January 22, 2011

To Comment or To Not Comment?

Bloggers love it when readers comment in their posts, right? But what if the comment is not to the blogger's favor? What if the comment is negative? Do you delete the comment or publish it, anyway?

There's this one active and very influential blogger that we will hide under the name "Whimsical." Recently, Whimsical and blogger-friends had a photo shoot for a not-so-reputable establishment. The photos came out and Whimsical proudly showed these in the blog. (Note: all characters will be called "he" to avoid giving away the identities.)

Some readers commented that they found the photo shoot distasteful. One reader even called it a "sell-out" because of the arrangement with the not-so-reputable establishment client. Whimsical and friends were offended with the negative comment, going as far as telling the reader to "go and get laid."

The reader then replied that he thought comments were welcome in Whimsical's blog and the reader didn't realize that only positive comments are allowed. The reader also said why the need to insult him when he merely stated an opinion about the photo shoot.

Whimsical replied that he was just joking and that the reader should lighten up. Subsequent posts appeared, defending the reader. Whimsical, after all, is a self-professed Internet guru who has quite a number of clients. Insulting readers is conduct unbecoming of who calls teaches all about blogging.

Anyway, Whimsical eventually deleted all the comments he didn't like, including those of the reader and subsequent posts defending the reader.

I ask bloggers out there if this is how you treat readers? What if the comment is negative and your reader doesn't agree with you? Do you delete it? Do you insult the reader? Or do you still publish and respect what your reader has to say?

And for clients who regularly get in touch with bloggers, do you want to deal with this kind of blogger? What if the blog readers don't agree with what the blogger wrote about you? Do you allow the blogger to still publish those comments or you ask him to hit the delete button?

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  1. In general, I believe negative comments related to the post should still be published - it allows discussion and hearing what everyone has to say. It's a good way of improving oneself. If the comment is unrelated, and hitting below the belt, and not inducing an intellectual discussion, deleting it is the best way of dealing with it :)