Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stupid Things People Do on Social Media

I'm sharing this article from Yahoo! Singapore on 10 stupid things people do on social media. Obviously, these stupid things are not confined to the squeaky clean Singapore universe. Well, I know it applies to Filipino Internet users. =D But before you raise your arms and cry foul, don't worry, I'm also guilty.

In a nutshell, here are the 10 stupid things people do on social media (and my comments in red!)

1.People who think their every movement should be announced.
Understood. No comment necessary. =D
2. People who change their relationship statuses every other week.
Mabuti na lang wala akong FB contacts na ganito.
3. People who are in a relationship with their BFF
Don't know about you but I don't quite get it. I think what this means is that the FB user's relationship status is that with his BFF. Baka naman gay or lesbian kaya ganoon?
4. Setup Facebook accounts for your 2-year-old kid, or worse, your dog!
Okay, this one I dig. I have several friends who have created Facebook accounts under their kids' name. Personally, I'm not in favor of this whether the intention was just to create dummy accounts to help them in their Mafia Wars and CityVille games. Bottomline, Beware of ONLINE PREDATORS!
5. Woe is me statuses.
Itago na lang natin sa pangalang "secret."
6. Adding People You Don't Know
Obviously, this is to build their clans/groups in their online games.
7. Write on a Facebook Wall instead of communicating privately
8. Tagging drunken pictures of your friends
One word of advice to Facebook users. Make sure you restrict access to your photos. You might be tagging your friends for a roadtrip pero hindi naman pala sila nagpaalam sa boss nila. Worse, baka ang sinabi nila, may sakit sila kaya umabsent.
9. Children on Facebook
Facebook bans 20,000 kids from their site everyday, and we're glad this is done. Parents need to be more diligent with policing their children on social media, and they should be educated on social media etiquette in school. Sexual predators are nothing to joke about.
I am not aware that Facebook is doing this but this is a great move. Again, beware of online predators.
10. Animal Farms and Fish Tanks
Farmville, anyone?

Now that you know that 10 stupid things people do on social media, here are my additions:
1. Changing work status regularly and PM'ing all your contacts that you're transferring again to another company.
One FB contact is like that. He changes employment practically every three months. The last PM I got from him (I assume it was PM to all his contacts) was telling me that he's no longer happy with his current work and if I know any job lead, he'd appreciate it I tell him.

I was so tempted to email his boss, who by strange coincidence, is one of my contacts.
2. Ranting bloggers
Yeah, Facebook is your private space but if many of your contacts are from advertising and digital agencies, you can bet your life that we can read your rants. So when you rant that you hate this blogger or this agency, trust me that your comments are duly noted (and most likely, reported to our clients).

In the same manner that we can also see if your blogger-friends are coming to your rescue even though you are clearly being a brat.
3. Over-FB status/over-Tweeting
You want to tweet or update your status to tell all your contacts that you just had lunch, fine. But if you're also tweeting/updating your status about news updates, bakit di ka na lang mag-apply sa as reporter?

Ito muna. I just got called by my wife. Mag-Ffacebook daw muna sya. Wapak!

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