Saturday, October 9, 2010

5 Things Companies Should Do Right During Blogger Events

Dear Company,

It’s as easy as ABC but somehow, you still fail to do these simple things when holding blogger events.

1. Send invites early. The most influential and active bloggers tend to have busy schedules. Whether they are full-time bloggers or have regular day jobs, bloggers need to plan their schedule. The earlier you send your invites, the better for bloggers.

2. Prepare. There’s nothing worse than treating bloggers like second-class citizens, a level below media people. Treat them like you would treat a guest. Be courteous, offer food/drinks, provide press kits, etc. I’ve seen bloggers meet where the organizers didn’t bother preparing info materials for bloggers. It’s a big no-no. How can you expect bloggers to write about you when they don’t have materials to refer to?

3. Make it exclusive. Bloggers want to feel special. They want to have first dibs on product launches, announcements, etc. Don’t hold blogger events where you invite the entire blogging population of the country. Invite a select few (anywhere between 10 to 30 people is great) to keep the event intimate. Bloggers will appreciate you more for it and are more likely to write about your event.

4. Invite the newbies. Bloggers belong to cliques. The more influential and active bloggers also tend to be more choosy/demanding/picky/selective (you pick the adjective) in attending blogger events. Mix your invitees list by adding newbie bloggers. Sure they don’t have as much readers as the influential ones but they tend to be more appreciative for the event. Newbie bloggers also tend to be loyal to your company/brand.

5. Start on time. Similar to #1, bloggers have busy schedules. The least you can do is start on time and finish on time. Enough said.

Babush! Eklavu!


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